Accessibility Plan Annual Progress Report - June 1, 2024


XPO Logistics Freight Canada Inc. (“XPO”) is one of the largest providers of asset-based less-than-truckload freight transportation in North America, with coverage that spans the US, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

XPO is committed to the realization of a Canada without barriers. As such, we have adopted our Accessibility Plan as part of a proactive approach to identify, remove, and prevent barriers faced by persons with disabilities when they interact with our organization, whether as employees, job applicants, or customers.

In accordance with Accessible Canada Regulations (SOR/2021-241), the following update describes progress made over the past year addressing barriers and areas of opportunity that XPO identified as part of our 2023-2026 Accessibility Plan.


  • XPO moved to a new process for inviting employees to self-identify, primarily utilizing an online form. Within all communications related to our self-identification campaign, there is contact information for our HR Support team if employees need assistance. We conducted a self-identification campaign in April 2024 to ensure we have the most accurate and up-to-date information available on our workforce.
  • XPO’s Alternative Work Arrangements policy is now available for our Canadian employees to review on our myXPO Intranet site.
  • Accommodations Phone Number - We have determined that an accommodations phone number would not significantly improve accessibility given employees contact their managers directly, and employees and applicants can also contact the accommodations mailbox via email.
  • XPO deployed discrimination, harassment and retaliation training for all of our Canadian employees.
  • XPO conducted our annual engagement survey and will continue to do so in the future to gather feedback directly from employees.
  • We have added language to all job postings in Canada as well as on our Careers site giving information on how to request accommodations in the hiring process as well as after hire as an XPO employee.

Built Environment:

  • Any time an XPO facility is renovated, we comply with all standards and building codes.
  • The identified access issue at our Regina service center was resolved.
  • We are in the process of drafting plans to conduct an ergonomic assessment at each of our service centers.

Information and Communication Technologies

XPO recently refreshed its employee intranet, myXPO. The intranet updates include an enhanced user interface, improved accessibility and responsiveness on both mobile and desktop devices and added visual elements including full screen, high-resolution photos and more pronounced call-to-action buttons. As a primary communication channel providing both personalized employee information (like pay stubs and benefits) and company news (like job opportunities and quarterly performance), this is a welcome change for XPO employees.  

Communication other than ICT:

As part of our efforts to remove barriers in the workplace, XPO shares important information and business updates in a variety of formats including written materials, videos, photos, graphics and in-person meetings. 

Procurement of goods, services and Facilities

XPO will continue to review current procurement directives, policies, and practices to incorporate accessibility considerations. XPO will also continue auditing the inventory of current goods and services and enquire about the accessibility practices and services of current suppliers.

Design and Delivery of Programs and Services

In Q3 2024, we will start reviewing the channels used by clients to contact us to better identify accessibility barriers and address gaps.