We're friends. We’re teammates. We’re collaborators. We are XPO, and together we're moving the world forward

We Are XPO

At XPO, we know our difference is our people. That’s why we focus on creating a workplace that allows everyone to thrive. We do this by fostering a safe, inclusive environment, offering competitive pay and helping our team members achieve their personal goals. We're a culture committed to people.

We celebrate individuality. We take pride in making our workplaces inclusive. By welcoming everyone—regardless of gender or gender identity, race or ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability—we create a diversity of talents and perspectives.


Our focus on diversity is evident in our Values and our Code of Business Ethics, which specifically define XPO as being respectful and non-discriminatory. Our commitment, however, goes beyond just saying the right things. It’s about doing the right things. Results will always matter to us, and they matter the most when they come from behavior that's fair, respectful, lawful and honest.

Personal Growth

At XPO we recognize that learning and development plays an important part in personal growth and satisfaction in the workplace. It's through educating ourselves that we reach new goals and enhance our job performance. To help employees on this journey, XPO provides tuition reimbursement for drivers. We also offer a job advancement program for employees, "Grow at XPO." While the program welcomes all XPO employees, it’s most intensely focused on frontline workers who aspire to grow into higher-paying positions with more responsibility.